Rochford Hundred Lodge 8922


OUR July meeting was a bit different in three ways, firstly we did a double Second Degree and secondly it was an American Themed Night with hot dogs, American beer and an American menu Festive Board. Thirdly it was also a blue table with 5 prospective candidates and other invited Brethren. The American theme involved a lot of paraphernalia, cowboy and baseball caps and the WM wearing an Uncle Sam hat. A great night was had by all!

Left: Our two Second Degree candidates Bros. Richard Woods and Adil Khan looking a bit serious, donít worry lads itís not that bad.










Right: The two main organisers of the evening W.Bro Lee Taylor and Bro. Chris Hayden enjoying some American beer. Thanks for a good night lads!

Below: Uncle Sam our WM with his IPM